About Kyrene Ariadne

I am a Greek polytheist and have been since my early teens, and my patron deities are Apollo, Dionysos, and Hermes and I serve them in the community as their priestess.

When I first began, the Internet was brand new and aside from a database of people and their locations called Omphalos, I looked and found nothing for us online. So I started HellenicPagan@onelist.com with the intent of gathering people together who honored the Greek and Roman gods and with the idea that down the road we could start an organization for ourselves. Onelist became eGroups which later became Yahoogroups. Right now it’s been eclipsed by social media, and you can now find us at https://www.facebook.com/groups/HellenicPagan.

Around 1998 I banded together with a small group of people on the list who consisted of people who were familiar with starting religious pagan organizations, were lawyers, or were otherwise devoted to the cause and together we formed Hellenion, a Greek polytheistic reconstructionist organization with no national borders. We became officially a 501(3)(c) in 1999. While I’m no longer officially in the group, it is still up and running and in good hands.

When I first found Apollo I was a teenager in school, dealing with both my studies and my personal growth. It was a very intense experience for me that summer, both personally and spiritually. I spent a lot of time in the library devouring books on ancient Greek religion and Apollo specifically, and found many things which fit both me and my experience. It’s this passionate start which got me here today and has kept me here all these years.

My primary path with Apollo has been oracular in nature which has led to the additional side path of spiritual guidance and counseling through performing tarot readings and divination. With this site I’m hoping to sound off on my personal views on Hellenismos, offer up my knowledge and research, and provide a means for people who reach me who are seeking and in need of answers.